Azienda per Il Turismo Dolomiti Paganella | Sito Ufficiale. Vacanze in Trentino.


Fai della Paganella, astonishing plateau between the Dolomites and the Paganella, close to Adamello-Brenta park, will be your backgroud for a unic holiday for any age and taste, always distinguished for quality and style.

Modern facilities, natural areas, guides tours, fitness trails, mountain huts, alpine refuges and mountain dairies are there for those who love nature. A state of the art ski-resort - one of the most popular in the Trentino - are on offer to ensure a completely relaxing stay.

If you passionate about art, you can find close to us the modern art of Trento and Rovereto, with exhibitions of italian and international artist. In addition to the new Science Muse museum designed from the famous Renzo Piano, a place, as the architect says, "that celebrate the complexity and fragility of the Earth". You can also visit various Castles in the nerby villages.

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